trekking in Jordan: Petra

Trekking in Jordan - Petra "Grand tour" 

4 days hike to discover the secret beauties of the lost city in the desert

Next trip:  13-16.4/2017

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Petra, The jewel of Nabatean architecture, is Located between the red Sand-stone mountains of Edom. the Local Bedouin kept its place secret, because they suspected that many treasures are hidden in the rocks, and therefore did not allow anyone to come near. only in the 19th Century did the first European traveler arrived here (and came back to tell..) 

Today Petra is a must-visit in any tour of the middle east. many people visit here only for a day and therefore miss what the area really has to offer - a network of ancient trails, vast desert, springs and local Bedouin culture of hospitality that takes a minimum of 3-4 days to really absorb. 

our route will take us through the unknown and not-touristic paths which climbs from Wadi Araba to Siq el-Barid (Little Petra) and then south to enter the site of petra from a special ancient Caravan route. at last, we will Climb Jabel-Harun, and leave Petra trough the main gate.. 

our camps are natural - we will sleep in Tents, sometimes together with the Bedouin families. our dinners will be cooked traditionally on the fire - Bedouin style dishes like magluba and Matfuna. 

day 1 - Arrival and Wadi Araba

we will meet at Aqaba and drive north through Wadi Araba until the small Village of Bir Madhkur.  here we start our trek, through Musa vallet (Wadi Musa) until the springs in the entrance to the Canyon. we camp in "Um Mladla"  for the night. total walking time: 3-4 hours. 

day 2 - hiking up to the Petra plateau

early wake up, because we start to ascend to Naqb Sleisel - an ancient camel path that climbs almost 600 meters high to te mountains of Petra. in the second part of the day we will walk through Wadi a-Thune, visit some Bedouin Families and learn about their cultures. at the end of the day we will arrive to "little Petra" - a site called by the locals "Siq el-Barid" (the cold canyon) because of it's narrow walls. at night we will camp nearby, and have a traditional dinner. total walking time: 6-7 hours.

day 3 - Entering the Nabatean forgotten city

today we will walk south and enter Petra from a "hidden" path, that will take us straight to "Ad-deir" ("the monastry") - one of Petra's most renowned monuments. after a picnic lunch we will descent to the old roman city and visit the sites. then we will climb north to our last camp near "the snake monument" . sleep in tents. total walking time: 6-7 hours. 

day 4 - climbing Jabel Harun - mount Ahron

in our last day we will climb the most famous mountain in the area - Jabel harun, where Moses's brother, Aharon, is believed to be buried according to local traditions. after that we will descend back and visit some more attractions in Petra, leaving out through the famous "Siq" and ending the tour in a late lunch at one of Wadi Musa's famous restaurants... total walking time: 6-7 hours

Tour Price : 2200 NIS (13-20 people)
                    2500 NIS (9-12 people)

Best Season: October to May

Price include:
- MInibus Transfers to and from Aqaba
3 nights camping (please bring your own tents)
Full board – picnic lunches and camping cooking
Jeep or camels – for transferring our equipment between
                              The camping sites
Local Jordanian guide and police officer (according to Jordanian law)
- Israeli (and english speaking) Tour leader

not included:
- Insurance
- Border fees (if you come from Israel)
- Visa for Jordan (please check with your Embassy)